Why This Blog?

Just a moment before a meeting

What is this about page? Do I need to fill this out? Is this inteded to be a writing about me or my blog? or Both? These are the questions that came to my mind before I finally decided to pour this page with my minds. The aim of this about page is to answer your presumably very first questions, “Who the heck this guy?” and “What the heck is this blog all about?”

My Blog is the container of all of my passions, that is ranging from innovation, entrepreneurship, food, goals, and ultimately the grace of the gospel. I have found out that the reason for writing a blog is actually the writing itself, where I could express who I am according to my purpose and call. In addition, by doing the writing, I enjoy the process of sharing my thoughts and what’s on my chest so that it may provoke and stimulate your thinking, either be inspired to do the ideas you want or be entertained by the very content of my writing itself. This is the manifestation of my dream to become an excellent professional in the field of management consultant, a resolution that is born after completed an Innovation Fastrack Program at Deloitte Digital Australia in Melbourne.

Futhermore, I do professional service of Excel editing, formatting, use of formulas on the spreadsheet. Personal branding and use of social media are also part of my freelance service. If you are a student and would like to have someone assisting you in a research about certain topic, I would also like to help in finding quality resources to assist you. Please feel free to email me at ferryg@live.com.au to enquire further.

All in all, I would greatly appreciate if you could share my blog in your social network, so we could discuss the topics where we have similar interests on broader range and wider network. Put your thoughts in the comments section so that we could discuss more towards more understanding of the topics.

One thought on “Why This Blog?

  1. Rooshil says:

    Fellow football fan, follow back if you like my blog!

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