Teaching is a Noble Job

Today I could say that I am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes series. He deployed as a witty detective, always succeed in outsmarting his adversaries to bring peace to community. I could notice that cultivated mind really has no boundaries. Through observing the vigor of mental faculty possessed by Mr. Holmes and his enemies, I could say that education matters in one lives. I didn’t just come out from a cave, but honestly I deposited myself alongside group of people whom cynical about education or what education can bring to one’s life or community. I always believe that if you want to be a businessman or professional, you just do it from the very basic task of it, and voila! You will be great! Nonetheless, everybody who works for organization always confessed to me that their bachelor years doesn’t contribute much as they have to learn everything again from the very beginning as if they are just born to the world of workplace. I think that sentence already answered the matter. Yes, if you are freshmen and just joined a new company, you are just born to the realm of organization. It doesn’t mean that your university years meant nothing. It didn’t diminish the value of education or negate the impact of the learning years have brought upon you.

What is better than inspiration? I think the best way you could impact someone’s life is by giving them the inspiration they need. Why is that? The gift of food or any other goods is obviously perishable. Do not last, very long at least. Advice, counsel, or simply put it better, inspiration is the gift that they will carry on along the course of their lives. It lifts up their mood from depression, anxiety, distress or sorrow. It turns a grave of dust into a garden of lily. It shifts Arabian dessert winter into European spring garden. What might discourage you is the community infamous perception about the work as a motivator, whom often  negatively connoted as “one whom has no other special skills or gut to work hard thus relies their living by boastful mouth”. That is really amiss isn’t it? In fact, the work of motivator itself is a noble job I think, equivalent to work of management. Management means managing people and resources, wisely allocating things to obtain greater good. In that essential profession, ability to motivate people is necessary. Imagine any managerial position in the world that has no talent of motivating. Would that organization able to thrive? What is despicable is the work of boastful motivator, who only able to share lies and exaggerated story to gain popularity. The end is self. That egoistic idealism is inappropriate.

Vida Scuffer once said that the best way to live is expressing yourself through creation. Creation of ideas turned into life. Manifestation of the fruits of your thoughts into something beneficial for human’s life. That is not too different with the philosophy of entrepreneurship to create solution in market’s problem. Not too mention many great businessman nowadays come with proper educational background. If you have the chance to take honors year, take it. Who knows the future? While spending spare time to seek for jobs? Starting your micro venture gradually?

My friend Andri once said, no one is entitled to success if he cannot focus what lies ahead of him. I suppose there is no reason to be ignorant about what lies ahead right? Ielts test first, then honours year.


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