Portugoal’​s Ronaldo vs Madrid’s Talisman

Portugal’s Ronaldo is not Real Madrid’s Ronaldo?

In my view, Portugal’s team tactic is certainly dampen Ronaldo’s effectiveness on the pitch.. In comparison to the club where Ronaldo worked for, he is constantly supplied by Turkish descent German footballer, who never sang Germany’s national anthem before every match. This is what has been missing from Portugoal’s team since several years ago. The purist of trequatrista, in-born playmaker, Rui Costa has never been reincarnated inside the Portugal’s younger generations.

Furthermore, the absence of a central forward who is not only able to poach some goals, but also create enough space void for Ronaldo to penetrate and utilise his dazzling pivotal move to launch a scorching shot at the opponent’s GK. Postiga is strong enough to be a target man, but I’m afraid he is not adequate in off the ball movements. Yes, he could score with his head and feet, but his vision and passing is not as good as Higuain and Benzema at Real Madrid, where they could provide coy and mesmerize defenders for Ronaldo to capitalise upon. I believe an advanced playmaker and fluid center forward are essential if you want to play with an inverted winger who can cut inside and shoot with his stronger foot.

Having said that, two glorious chances missed by Ronaldo this morning when he cut clear through opposition and left one-on-one with the keeper. It’s more of psychological pressure rather than technical problems,  considering Ronaldo as a national team skipper and the nation’s most expensive and glamorous footballer, who has always been expected to redeem Portugal’s chance to lift the trophy.

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