Striving for a Less Uncertain Path

A year long drought is wiped instantly by a day of rain. Despite that I haven’t worked for a year here, in fact I feel that I have accumulated heaps of praise from my manager by striving continually to outperform the expectations. However, today what I perceive as an act of initiative, to confirm and ask whether the act of waiting is right or wrong turned out to be act out of impatience on my boss’ eyes. I admit that to wait for confirmation of jobs and assignments are not a comfortable task to do. It provokes the cloud of uncertainty and insecurity, thinking that if I don’t do anything in my paid hours, then it must be a bit of incorrect thing to do. Therefore, I thought that I have to make risk to check whether it was all right to just sit and wait the emails from the bosses.

In spite of being splat on the face by furious expression of frustration, I found a bit of relax and security as I found out that it was all fine to wait. This hard earned security is all that I need in the period of waiting. As far as there’s someone, especially the one you trust upon that assures you it was all fine, despite in the angry tone. That helps. What makes living an entrepreneurial career is sometimes daunting is these amounts of uncertainties shrouded your vision. Being punched repeatedly in the face is faith-shivering, but these strokes might be the ones that you need to see the fog of inexperience chopped bit by bit.

After all, what you need to calculate is the cost derived from risk of not doing nothing, versus the cost that you might gain if you do something incorrect or recklessly. It is not even a cost isn’t it if you consider it as a harsh yet valuable and memorable lesson to take if you do cross the line. Receiving a shock from a shotgun’s shot in the air might be shocking, but that teaches you a lesson that it is not the fence to cross. Then, stretch other boundaries.

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