Keeping Productivity in the Blues of Thick Fog

As I woke up this morning, the fog was shrouding the city as if it would like to swallow the whole city at once. 7 a.m in the morning seemed like 11 p.m. evening. Weekends felt like passed me by in mere two seconds. It was tremendously discouraging situation in the morning. Had I yielded to the temptation, I would have ensnared by the comfort of my bed until 11 am. Luckily, I could jump out of my bed, refusing and resisting every threat of falling back asleep.

It has always been daunting everytime I got to back to office after weekends, even more for long weekends. Thus, I questioned this personal phenomena whether this could dampen my productivity, let alone keeping my innovative spark in action. Undoubtedly, an hour after I began my work, I started to work mindlessly, in other words automatically doing what I usually do. When we are in autopilot mode, our mind is shut up from exploring the unusual ways to solve the problems. Therefore, I start to think whether I should question relentlessly about my way of work, am I doing this mindlessly? Am I doing this task just for the sake of completing it? If the answer is yes, then I believe I am starting to jump into the pool of lethargy, losing the sense of purposefulness. Have you ever experienced these sequential events before?

What can I do to avoid these pitfalls that mushrooming every now and then, especially in these winter blues? Is treating this syndrome best done in psychological way? I believe what is needed is the perpetual sense of awareness, by questioning periodically what we are thinking and doing at the moment. Watching carefully what we think and thinking about the thoughts that we hold at a particular moment is essential as thoughts affect feelings, and in turn, feelings direct actions. Therefore, if we are willing to direct our minds toward what is good and acceptable, coated with the heart that is striving to pursue our call, I believe we will be better at our return of works invested, even during thick foggy days like these.

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