The Word Must Be Spread Through

I noticed yesterday that I hadn’t introduced the reason why I decide to start a blog called graspel. I remember I have done such one for my other blog,, but not for this one. This all started during a church service where I got an impression, an epiphany that a sermon should have been delivered beyond the four walls. The information and digital technology world has boomed in rapid speed, enabling users to be content creators and producers to be consumers, consuming the ideas from the customers. This has created massive spread and acceleration in the business world as I have witnessed in my business life.

Considering such massive tools to be taken advantage of, I think each and every one of us  has equal opportunity to be an agent of change, to be God’s ambassador in evangelizing the Word. This surging voice came at a time when I have been struggling to hear and discovering the Call from God for me. Jesus says whomsoever believes in Him, have eternal life thus is in constant communion with Him now and later. Holy Spirit is sealed as a guarantee of the salvation and the power works in us and through us to reveal, convict, and enable us in the calling.

Stemming from such faith, I have decided to take steps in realising what has lingered in my mind for some time, that is spreading the Word digitally, using every medium possible to accelerate and intensify the spreading of the Good News. I had been involved in my Church’s social online radio project before, but it was postponed due to human and technical resources limitation. Thus, it has been daunting to start a solo project considering that even the more experienced fellows have faced such stumbling block in their life. Alas, I should not compare and looked back as it would only deter me and discourage the vision that God has planted upon me. What I know that is supposed to take place is the works of God that is demonstrated in me so that others might see that Our God is exist and He might be glorified.

The discovery and respond to the Call itself is a dynamic journey rather than a static, single dot at the end. The sound within me constantly speaks that if I make step following these ideas, then everything else will follow as the Spirit works and reveals more and more in shaping me towards the likeness of the Master. All in all, Jesus Himself has promised that the believers would do the greater things than His, that is in terms of preaching the paid sacrifice on top of the promised sacrifice that Jesus preached upon thousand years ago.

Be blessed and take stronghold of your faith in responding the Call from the Nazarene. Amen.

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