Belgian and Japanese Ammos

Would Hazard become another Torres at Chelsea?

I think I will respond to this question with a question, whereby these two questions are coherent:

Will Shinji become the ‘”Manchester United’ Torres” ?

I believe these two are very interesting transfer case where the signings are highly anticipated as the saviour for the club’s next season campaign respectively. Both Chelsea and United have been slipped below their own standard and expectation in terms of league performance, despite United finish second with only goals marginal difference. They both were hoping to grab the highest accolades at the end of last season when they witnessed how City was boasting and proving to the world that money actually helps to win the title.

Therefore big name signings, i.e. Hazard, or at least established players like Shinji, are beneficial, if not significant to the development of the team’s overall strength. Failing to acquire a top talent would result in lagging behind the rivals where more likely than not, every club will try to snatch one or two reinforcements to boost their luck for the 2012-2013 campaign.

The question is what is the likelihood where the signing(s) could gel well into the club’s system, culture, and flavour? This question is perhaps most understood by Chelsea where their most recent and massive signing, Fernando Torres, has been performing way below his price tag. I presume that there has not been any issue with Torres suitability with Premier League’s style of play and on how he adapts to British culture as he was transferred from Liverpool FC.

The most plausible reason on why Torres was ineffective like he was before at Anfield is probably caused by the mismatch between the way he used to play at The Kop and the role he was given at Stamford Bridge. He is used to be treated as the Prince No. 9 lone upfront, with freedom to roam on either side of the flank where Stevie. G was readily to play the tone to cover him from behind and provide real thrust to the opponent’s defence if necessary. This is not to mention the fact where Xabi Alonso was still in The Reds’ jersey, dictating the tempo and provide an array of passes to support penetration from either flanks. In the Bridge? The situation was totally different where Lampie is not as versatile as Gerrard, and obviously, neither Meireles nor Ramires has the metronome in their feet to dictate tempo like Xabi’s had done marvellously at Liverpool.

Hence, answering the question whether Hazard would be another flop at Chelsea must be examined thoroughly whether the style of Eden’s current employer, LOSC Lille, has any concurrence with RDM’s new resurgence at Chelsea. Speaking in terms formation, they have identical 4-3-3 composition, where a lone giant striker upfront is supported by two marauding wide attacker. Hazard has always been a threat for any Ligue 1 Team by penetrating from the left side with his malicious right foot manifesting in either breathtaking short through ball or audacious ball over the air. Plus, he is not only able to create goals, but scoring three at a match as well! This is the position where Di Matteo’s team is desperately need. With Drogba’s resolution to leave Chelsea and Kalou’s uncertainty, that left Chelsea fans only with the aging Florent’s Malouda to provide real punch from the left, considering that even though Ramires is technically competent at filling this role, his real talents are best deployed at the central of the park where he could roam in freedom and accelerate forward to push the attack down the line.

If Hazard finally joins Chelsea, both of their flanks will be lethal as they have two wide wingers who could transform into two wide playmakers as their passing and vision are both majestic. Therefore, lessening the burden of attacking department that is disarmed heavily since Anelka and Drogba, and even Kalou leaving Chelsea. This signing is the reminiscence of Arjen Robben’s lovely moments with Chelsea where he could provide an open space on top of assists and goals  at the Chelsea’s glorious moments half decade ago. One might say Robben is a player that Chelsea would never be able to replace, but with Hazard, the revolution of the beginning of new era that might be even mightier than before is boiling.

Don’t worry bro, as a United’s fan, with the recent stoking research that reveals MU fans are way more than 650 million across the globe, you have plenty of reasons to be relaxed of. Your favourite club’s executives and policy makers would not dare to not make any changes to the team that would disappoints such huge crowds whose numbers is more than twice of the US population. The agent of change is coming to United as well, at a far cheaper price! United has been missing two words that almost every team needs at the centre of the field, creativity and flexibility. Even though the evergreen Paul Scholes keep performing at the club, it is imperative to rejuvenate the midfield department with a player who has more fuel to burns and sparks of creativity to direct the flow of the ball in the team’s offensive play. Thirteen goals and eight assists have spoken for Kagawa’s real capacity. His ability to roam behind or around the main striker upfront is the icing of the cake for his game. If Lewandowski could score way more than 20 goals per season with the Japanese’s samurai touch, what are the grounds for argument that Rooney could not score more than 32 goals next season? Adding more dimension and dynamic to the United’s frontline, connecting smoothly as silk between midfield powerhouses and lethal striker, simply Kagawa. Albeit it’s a bit early to ask, but is there any reason to  not be excited about next season Premier League?

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