Make Decision to Take Small Steps of Iteration

I had to move my television to  my new apartment this morning. I planned to locate my television atop of my wide desk, for the sake of entertainment in my roof of course, anticipating EURO 2012 that will be broadcasted around 1 am morning here in Australia. Despite these frivolous fantasy, this task was quite daunting actually. Initially I thought moving a TV was  a piece of cake job, considering that the TV was just 32 inches. However, after I mapped out the route that I have to take by transporting from point A to point B, my heart began to sink. The fact that this morning was unusually hot unlike other day only adds fuel into the treacherous inclining path that I had to take.

This reminds me on what we plan will always be different from the actual state. I think our brains have limitation to fully grasp what its going to be in the future, in terms of physical, emotional, and situational arena that the even would occur. We could forecast what will happen, but we cannot foresee how it will take place. I once read an article on Harvard Business Review that says we should stop making plans and start to make decisions. Our present state is always the result of our past decisions, most if not all the time.

After few minutes in carrying the TV-in-a-box with my girlfriend, we found out that the task was quite unattainable. We brainstormed on how we could achieve this task, rather than simply surrender to the fact and stroll back to the apartment. Then we decided to share the burden, that resulted in the TV rested on my wobbly hands. The more steps that I took, the more resting time I needed. It was seemed so impossible to complete the task in spite of relatively near distance between the starting point and the destination. I decided to keep going and make small steps and rest often. During this arduous walk, my mind wandered around and I thought to myself about the importance of take pause, give to rest at the interval of small steps that we make in achieving the goal. I thought it may seem to take longer time than it was originally planned, however I would argue that it still achieve the goal considering the daunting task and our capacity. Had we decided to stubbornly carry the TV in the box altogether, our hands might bruised due to the box’s sharp edges, not to mention time that must be spent for both of us to rest. Worse, had I decided to return to home, I would have not been able to transport the TV at all.

I fish a lesson today from this murky experience about the importance of basking in a resting time. Don’t think about how terrifying the task might seem at first, but make decisions to take small steps in the journey of achieving the finish line. You might grow weary and tired, but you could always make the waves between intense exercise and rejuvenating exercise. In innovation, I think it would be the same, where consistent iteration is the key and this hugely needed perseverance would last longer if you take small steps and pause regularly. Be bold, make wave.

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