Mind Blind

Blink is really a good book. When a question come into my mind regarding who is my favorite author, probably I would give Malcolm Gladwell as an answer. He described how the assassination attempt of Ronald Reagan happened few years ago, when one of his entourage lunged his body to protect Mr. President, ended in a number of people as casualties. I previously thought the gunshot scene would probably last about 1 or two minutes, while in fact, it last at the speed of light, around 3.5 seconds.  In this extremely pressuring situation, it’s almost impossible to think and analyze clearly what course of action need to be done. Perhaps it is even more dramatic compared to the noticeably plummet in the stock market in the last two years.

Hence, the author introduced the idea when people are getting too aroused, it would block several human senses to increase the focus on what is the most vital sense necessary to survive the threatening environment. Alternatively, it is called temporal autism, focusing on few parts while the others are turned off. What might be dangerous of this inherited instinctive ability to protect our self is when that short-term autism occurred at the inappropriate time, when wee need our senses to work at optimum level. Over-stimulated sensory bring consequences as mind-blindess, where our mind is literally closed and we cannot do what is normally done automatically, like mind reading. This could give birth to unfavorable and unnecessary reaction. For example, Malcolm gave example where police officers acted over-reactively, shot down the innocent person just because their natural mind-read ability is dozing off thus drive them to believe that particular person is dangerous and threatened their lives.

The implication for business is when we are too pressured for numerous business situations, this would lead to over-reaction or unnecessary business decisions or dealings. Unfortunately, this is how business operates as taught in the Commercial Law courses I took in my last semester at University. Even the law could not protect if the pressures are considered legal despite it might drive some individuals aroused beyond their control that forced them voluntarily to accept the offers or sign the contract. What may provide as a relief is, according to author, is preventing ourself from doing the course of action that could be overkill for certain foreseeable situation. The police officers nowadays often go alone to reduce tendency to ambush and be aggressive toward the suspect as going sole means that he or she has to wait for the other officers to come into play, that would help the waiting officer to think calmly and calculate necessary steps. Conclusively, it is possible to prevent such over-reaction due to over-stimuli happening in our life, by trying to reduce the excitement or power, via power-sharing or distribution so that one is not too tempted to corrupt and make irrational decisions just because he or she sit in the very top position.



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