Chaos May Lead to Innovation

When I was first given this task to count and manipulate a big chunk of data, I was confused thus afraid to think whether there are any specific formula that I can use in Excel. Therefore, I had done it manually ever since before I tried to explore the list of formulas that Excel have in store. As I tried one by one, what I found out was that the usual formulas might be put into better use to solve more complex problem when juxtaposed in a way like never before. A new way of combining methods or practices might be the source of innovation to solve more daunting task.

Unsatisfied to see that one set combination of formulas work, I tried more and more combinations where eventually led to the loss memory of the proven formulas that work! This was created an absolute disaster on my spreadsheet as the data was  mixed and scattered in seemingly hopeless fashion.

The only solution to solve chaos like this is to trace back from the initial approach and delve right into the chaos. On top of that, a conventional thinking hat about the proven method might help as the logic is proven useful like before. The road to recover from innovation mayhem is through extracting the wisdom of conventional logic to recover grounds lost that has proven works before. Had I abandoned that file, I would have not been able to grasp what were missing and what methods are useful and which one that not. Plus, a lot of time and energy would have been wasted.

Creativity could lead to abnormality, which may seem as chaos. However, in the midst of these disorders, new insights might reveal themselves about the uncharted territories and unexplored boundaries. These borderlines are important to be known as one might never know the potential pitfalls of such approaches or whether there are any untested methods that may boost productivity and efficiency.

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