Why I Think Jesus is The Great Model for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

I have recently thought that Christianity is a role model for entrepreneurship and innovation. Two days ago, on the ascension day themed service, we discussed a lot about how the once cowardly disciples turned into heroes that magnificently created a huge wave that swept the entire nation for the change of heart. What is worth note-taking from this historical event is at that time, the disciples were faced with burgeoning threats of persecutions. This is the most daunting word that I, personally as Christian afraid of. Since the very first time when I heard that the real stuff inside the package of being Christian is facing persecutions, it has deterred my heart seriously. So do with growing your venture. Why?


I noticed that the trends of being an entrepreneur and innovator is akin to being an evangelist. Please don’t get me wrong here, I just try to learn the lessons which both of two streams of life have in common. The threat of persecutions are ever-present in the life of a leader. The kind of leader that I talk here is someone who refuses to submit to popular belief or common notion, and make a decision to advance forward in spite of fear and doubts over skeptics and cynicism. Jesus unarguably faced a lot of oppositions during His tenure on earth, words debated, actions doubted, characters questioned, are all parts of His daily life. As a leader who brings, or at least expect to bring a change towards the real value for the society, rowing against the stream is possibly a daily task.


What it takes to agains the oppositions is not simply a clever wit, or beautifully juxtaposed arguments. If the debates are solely for the finding of a real truth, then it would probably work. However, ego and pride are always in the equation when discussing about views and ideas. Therefore, the oppositions might not just aim to shoot your ideas down, instead rifling your character and identity into lapse. What Jesus proclaimed to be the real shedding of light into human’s life are scanned and implied with barcode of heresy. What might you vehemently voiced as the solution to the problems might be accused as an idea of the rebel. Once or twice might seem fine. But what if every single time you open your mouth for innovation, all the stakeholders were just escalate another idea instead? Belief is the key. You might not always be as adamant as ever, but if you believe that your idea’s returns would exceed the costs, then persevering might make it sense.


Inspiration fuels courage. The disciples were so terrified at the moment after Jesus’ death, their dreams and vision were scattered into broken mosaics. The fact that their only leader, the One who only leads and shared the vision among them were seemingly defeated lead into the despair of the cause. We might be on our halfway through the change, but when the IT infrastructure broken down or perhaps the sudden budget cut takes its toll, then vision and purpose might vanish as vapor. Only if we have the inspiration that keeps the wheels in motion that we could keep our pace with the change. The proof that Jesus risen and showed Himself physically to real disciples are the desperately needed revelation that filled their tank of courage. Finding the initial cause why did you start your campaign to make your ideas happen could be the missing key to re-jumpstart your innovation journey.

It will definitely not to be the easiest job in the world, but leading a change might be the most important thing that you do in your life. It is primarily for the benefits of the society, company, environment, and community; but I think the ultimate benefit is for yourself, providing you the medium to channel your calling and purpose for your passionate life. This writing is inspired by a beautiful poem that I found here: Stick With Your Work.

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