Why I decided to start a blog

Hello world! This is my first blog and the best way to start it is by introducing several reasons why did I decide to start a blog. First of all, I have been thinking for several months that I love writing, actually. The thought about expressing myself through an online medium had been lingering on my mind, but I felt motivated to kick start a new blog until my Marketing tutor shared with the class that a blog actually could be a weapon for job hunt campaign. I have recently graduated from RMIT University, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, heck, it is actually a bit awkward to not start a business, instead I am looking for a job. Nevertheless, my surroundings have encouraged me to gain real experience in the field that I love first, before starting up my business. Thus a blog would suffice to assist the grand mission I suppose.

Having said that, I need to showcase my skills in writing, logical flow, as well as creativity to show to the prospective employers that I have the capability for essential report and business writing, brimming with creativity and flexibility to undertake business and marketing tasks. Expressing my skills is in coherence with the very essence of writing itself, the expression of self through words and phrases. Vida D. Scuffer once said that the true meaning of existence is through expression in creating and this really resounds in my heart where I long to launch self-expression and freedom in writing, such an ultimate pleasure to let others know my mode of thinking; especially when I am able to draw smiles and laughs in others’ people faces.

Furthermore, there is an old adage saying that if a person wish to gain wisdom, then he or she needs to write regularly. Even some creativity experts argue that  it is beneficial to write up to three pages in blank paper every time after you wake up. Driven by these statements, I feel more inclined to write, not to mention that I have a lifelong passion in the topics of Entrepreneurship, Creativity, and Innovation that makes my heart itch to research more and write even more.

Writing is an art. Thus, it requires hours of rigorous practice to be able to express it beautifully. As an international student, I need IELTS certificate with overall band 8. Unfortunately, my recent score for writing is just 7. Therefore, I am determined to practice more to improve my grammars and writing skills at the same time with my enjoyment of writing a blog. This is one of my new year resolution, that in 2012 I have to be able to achieve overall band 8 for IELTS qualification as I have been fall in love with English since my elementary school days, thanks to my teachers.

Oh, and last but not least, I have always thought on how to exploit the most of my laptop, rather than just reading news and downloading movies. I believe the power of computer has been growing at blistering pace. Consequently, letting this magnificent machine to work just for reading news is not something that reach its full potential. As I want to grow more and explore my potential, I think it is interesting to see how I could utilize my possessions at their best.

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